Stencils for Food Justice!

Hey folks, Thanks for all the Twitter follows and Facebook likes! We are so grateful for all of the retweets and shares about our Call for Submissions (due 4/1/15). To show our appreciation, we put together a packet of stencils that you can print on 8.5×11″ paper (feel free to go bigger though at your local print shop) and cut out to spray/paint onto all kinds of surfaces! Here is a tutorial on how to go from image to stencil: tutorial.

You can either make a stencil that will last for a few sprays by cutting out the stencil on a regular piece of paper, or you can glue the printed sheet onto something more durable (see here) like card stock or transparency sheets and cut it out with an exacto knife. Then you’re ready to go! If you give it a try, show us the final product by tweeting at us @youthfjzine or sharing it on our fb page:

Share widely and make sure you submit to our first Youth Food Justice Zine! 



Ayisah, Victoria, Beatriz, and Miyuki

stencil2stencil1stencil3 stencil4

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